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World Cycling Centre

Leading mountain bike course designers have impressed upon us the enormity of the potential for mountain biking in the quarry. Designed properly, Magheramorne would be on the mountain biking World Cup circuit. At the same time, the variety of opportunities for different courses would allow for beginners.

Our plans are for:

  • Seven downhill courses of various grades
  • Over five miles of downhill courses in total
  • An arena at the finish of the downhill courses
  • Supporting facilities, including café, changing facilities, hire shop and overnight accommodation
  • A four cross (jumps and hurdles) course
  • A cross-country circuit running for over three miles, not only within the quarry but throughout the site

We envisage the mountain biking attracting cyclists from all over the UK, Ireland and beyond, and competing with Fort William as the leading centre in the British Isles.

Plans for the cycling centre are shortly to be submitted for detailed planning permission. To view the key plans click here.

All-Ireland Diving Centre

Reaching a depth of more than 20 metres (65 ft), the large lake in the quarry is likely to prove a major attraction for experienced scuba divers. There is no equivalent inland scuba diving and scuba diver-training opportunity in the North or the South.

Being unaffected by tides, and less affected by poor weather conditions than open water, the lake has the potential for all year round scuba diving. Less experienced scuba divers will also benefit from its hazard-free environment. The lake has already been used occasionally in the past for Police scuba diver training.

The North Irish Lodge on Islandmagee currently provides the best open-water dive resort in Northern Ireland. The opportunity to provide high quality sea and inland scuba diving within such close proximity to one another is unparalleled in the UK and Ireland.


Magheramorne Reinvented Lafarge